Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yes!  I finally finished something!

Not that I have not been busy.  Since it has been so gosh darn cold I have mostly been working on my afghan.  It is coming along slowly.  It has 20 colors plus white.  It is 72” wide so the rows take a while.  I am working on the second repeat of colors:


I plan to do three repeats and then some kind of border.

I have also quilted a couple of quilts and some placemats but more on that later.

This is what I finished:


It is a cover for my I pad:


(Note the shameless plug of my grandsons!)

About two years ago Katie and I hit up the Rescue Mission Clothing Store looking for wool to felt.  Well, we promptly forgot all about it.  Last week Katie came over and we finished getting the fabrics ready for the wash (make that five wash loads!). I made the cover from some of the fabrics.

This is the back.  I quilted over the pattern that was already there.


I  put in a pocket…


…And I even covered a button!


I really, really like it!

And here is a preview of my next post:DSC01947

(My husband is too good to me!)


L Dwyer said...

Love the iPad tote. Thanks for the inspiration.