Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Aching Back…and Wonderful Family


This has not been a good two weeks.  It started out to be perfect.  All my Christmas presents were wrapped, my Christmas cards were sent out and I had finished all my Christmas sewing.  Also, I got a JOB in a Quilt Store!!!

I had gone out to Mission Rose Quiltery to get some thread and the owner had posted a sign looking for someone to work part time.  Now, I had not even washed my hair that day but I figured what the heck and I was offered the job.  Yay!!!

I worked the two weeks before Christmas.  I woke up Christmas morning in a little pain but still able to walk.  I rested all day Saturday and then at 4:00 am I woke up my daughter and she took me to the ER.  The Dr. there thought it was a muscle spasm, gave me a shot and a pill and sent me home with a prescription.  No relief.

Monday, my husband took me to my doctor who agreed with the ER doctor.  Now I have been taking some heavy duty drugs that HAVE NOT KNOCKED ME OUT.  I have been up and down all night for the past 3 days.  I am going back to the doctor on Monday.

However, my family has been super.  My poor husband has been helping me every minute he is home.  My daughter Katie came over and picked up the house and did some laundry for me.  Lauren (who finally got a job in her field and started just this week) has been cooking all the meals and cleaning also.  My friend Mimi calls me everyday to make me laugh.  I am also sewing vicariously through her-she tells me what she is working on. I am only able to knit.  Mary, at the quilt shop told me to not worry about my job.

I  missed wishing everyone a Merry Christmas but I can still wish you all





Khris said...

Congrats on the job lucky exciting..sorry to hear about the the job on your feet a lot...maybe that's has caused it? Hugs Khris