Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Quilt for my Bed

I have been practicing on my new Juki and Grace Quilt Frame.  When we first got everything set up I was afraid to even use it.  Then I got my nerve up and threaded the machine and wound a few bobbins.  I found a panel and put it on the frame.

First mistake-not enough backing at the top and bottom.  You really need at least 6-8” more(at the top AND bottom)  to attach the quilt comfortably although the directions say 10-12”.

Second mistake- and this is a biggy- do not use unfused fusible batting.  I know, a rookie mistake but it was just a practice piece and I did not want to go out and buy more, blah, blah, blah.  What a mess-it really dulled and junked up the needle.  I don’t even care for fusible when I use it the right way, what possessed me to use it the wrong way?

This piece came out so bad that I just chucked it.  How embarrassing-and a waste of time. 

Lesson learned again? Trying to save time usually wastes time.

My next experiment was a piece of cheater cloth that looked like a bunch of pieced diamonds.  This time I loaded it correctly and used a good batting.  I stitched rows of quilting using a different quilting pattern on each pass.  I learned what I liked to do, what I was good at, and what I needed to practice.  This piece I put a binding on and gave to my grandson as a play quilt.  My daughter has it on her couch so I guess it is not that bad.

I finally felt confident enough to work on a REAL quilt so I pulled out a top that I said I would quilt for a friend.  I just did an over all meander and it looks OK!

So of course I felt I was ready for a queen sized quilt.  It is a log cabin that I pieced about 5 years ago and it measures 84” x 108”.  It took two large spools of thread and 22 bobbins (from another spool).  I quilted 2-3 hours every day and it took me 5 days.  I did a close meander over the whole quilt.

I have forgotten how bulky a large quilt is to attach a binding completely by machine.  And of course I did not clear off my sewing table properly (although it was completely cleaned off when I finished!).  My arms ached when I was done!

And here it is!


Here is a close-up of the quilting:


I am pleased at how well it turned out.  I have a few more quilts to do(of course!!) and maybe I will actually get caught up.  Maybe….


Aida said...

it's beautiful..!