Monday, June 29, 2009

A New Quilt Top

Remember this?


These are the strips I sewed together to make a Chinese Coins quilt.  Well, I had gotten some off white fabric to put between the strips and I really hated it. 

Then the quilt began to talk to me.  It did not want to be a boring quilt: it wanted to have applique!  So I went out and bought some green to make a some vines and some leaves.  It was still not happy.  While wandering around my local quilt shop I saw an interesting top with a pieced vine and applique leaves.  I  bought some creamy yellow fabric, went home and  searched for some green fabrics in my stash. Now the quilt top is happy and so am I:


I took my green fabrics and cut them into rectangles and sewed the rectangles into a strip about 30” long.  Then I cut strips 3” wide and pieced each of these strips to be about 90”.  Then I sewed each of the long strips in between 4” strips of the creamy yellow fabric.  When I sewed them, I kind of staggered the greens so they would look more random.

THEN, I cut a whole bunch of leaves from the greens and the leftover fabric from the pink and green strips.  Again I randomly fused  and machine appliqued them to the vines.  I finally put the top together.

I am very happy with how the top turned out.  I found a really neat fabric for the back and am looking forward to machine quilting it.  Oh yes…the quilt is now telling me there should be a feather design in the strippy parts!

(If there is any interest, I will put up a tutorial on how I did the vine and leaves)

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Michelle said...

Wow, it is gorgeous. I have never seen a coin quilt like that. I would love a tutorial on how you did the vines and leaves.

Khris said..., love, love are too clever..hugs Khris

Judy said...

Wow...this is beautiful....thanks for sharing...i would love to see a tutorail on how you did it..thanks again...judy