Sunday, September 9, 2007

Title, Please

I read so many wonderful blogs and the one question I have is, how do you come up with such interesting and provocative titles for your posts? I spend more time on that sometimes than the post itself.

I started work this week. Even though I see my grandson often, I had forgotten what a group of 4, 5, and 6 year-olds can be like. They are full of questions, insights, and concerns about the world around them. We have 11 children in the a.m. and 19 in the p.m. I have really enjoyed my time with them and I work with a wonderful group of adults. I can honestly say, I like my job!

I have had to adjust my schedule and I am trying to be productive. I get up, get my husband to work, shower and dress, take the dog for a walk (more on him later), pick up the house, figure out dinner, maybe some time to sew and then off to work. Coming home at 6 p.m. is tough, so far I have been exhausted. This can be my time for hand work-my second block from Leanne's house arrived 2 weeks ago and I haven't even touched it. I am almost finished with a sewing bag that I have been working on.

And then there is Buddy. Last week was tough on him. My husband worked 6 days in a row (we are talking about 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. each day) and Lauren and I were both out of the house ALOT. He had a couple accidents this weekend and was very hyper. His misses us all terribly when we are gone-especially my husband. Hopefully this week he will be better- my DH won't be gone so many hours. Don't worry- Buddy got extra loving this weekend. By the way, check out his paws- Do you think he is going to be big??

And, here is a picture of a purse I completed. Not one of my favorites but it is done.

Next time, I will share some of my latest purchases. Come back and visit!


Rose Marie said...

I like your sunflower quilt and Buddy is going to be big when he matures, but what a sweet puppy he is!
It is hard to pick a title for posts. Sometimes, mine come to me very quickly and othertimes .... well they are boring. I try to find humour when choosing my titles.

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